India Agro Exports

Established at the turn of the 21st century by first generation family business chairman Ranjit Shah in South India, India Agro Exports is one of the more reputable Agro exporters from Southern India. Today run by the Director of the group Ranvir Shah, IAE takes pride in providing high-quality agricultural products at competitive prices to customers around the world.

We have established relationships with Farmers, Agents, and Food Entrepreneurs not just in the agri-rich states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in South India, but also in Gujarat where the family-run business hails from…Read more

Product Development

At IAE, developing new and exciting recipes for our various products, is a joyous task, which we thoroughly enjoy. We normally produce and sell products based on our customers specifications, but have been asked to create certain “Special” and “Improved” recipes also. We develop recipes based on the Customer, Country, Taste, and Culture profile.

In some cases, we develop our own recipes, which we believe will do very well in a particular market. We are able to do this by analysing trends, such as best sellers or new market entrants…Read more


Our factory is based in the Greater Bangalore area in South India. It sits on 4 acres and complies with International Food Safety Standards. Our Annual Capacity is between 600-750 containers per year. We are able to produce a wide variety and range of Gherkin/Pickle products such as Wholes, Cuts, Slices and Relish products with the help of our state of the art slicing and dicing machines.

At IAE, we have a fully automated grading, washing and production line. This allows us to pack fresh produce as soon as it arrived and to dispatch it within a 24-hour period. Our state of the art machines are imported from Germany and Spain.

Our Products