Our team of agri experts is constantly on the look out for new technologies that can be used on the field as well as off. They have the necessary know-how to teach our farmers how to grow and improve yields.

We use the most efficient production methods and latest machinery to pack and label our goods for clients all over the world. The factory is state of the art and we implement our very own internal guidelines to better utilize our capacity and workforce.

Mr. K. Mallikarjun
General Manager
With over 20 years of experience in the Food Processing industry, Mr. Mallikarjun has the experience and knowledge of international markets and product mixes, a black belt in 6-Sigma, this allows us to innovate and grow, not to mention add great value to our business.
Mr. Pratham Shah
Marketing and Sales Head
With a background in Marketing and Management, Pratham Shah handles the Marketing and Sales of IAE, with a focus on operations and finance also. His prior experience with ITC foods and Deutsche bank, allow for certain valuable market insights.
Mr. Nagaraj
Head of Agri Operations
Mr. Nagaraj is the head of Agri Operations for IAE, with over 15 years of experience he also sits on the board for Fairtrade in South India (Karnataka) for items such as Baby corn, Gherkins, and Peppers. His past experiences allow IAE to build long-lasting relationships with the Farmers we work within South and North India for our entire range of items. Mr. Nagaraj creates opportunities via this past in the rural framework of our country’s farmers which benefit the entire circle, from the Farm level all the way up the chain to the final Customer.