Our factory is based in the Greater Bangalore area in South India. It sits on 4 acres and complies with International Food Safety Standards. Our annual capacity is between 600-750 containers per year.

We are able to produce a wide variety and range of gherkin/pickle products such as Wholes, Cuts, Slices and Relish products with the help of our state of the art slicing and dicing machines. We also label products for private customers with our in-house labeling machines and can shrink wrap jars and cans as per our client’s needs.

At IAE, we have a fully automated grading, washing, and production line. This allows us to pack fresh produce as soon as it arrives and to dispatch it within a 24-hour period. Our state of the art machines is imported from Germany and Spain.

We are proud to have the following certifications to meet our customer’s needs:

  • BRC Certification
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • USFDA Certification
  • Halal Certification
  • Kosher Certification
  • BSCI Certification
  • IFS Certification
  • Walmart Certified